About UsSo what's our story?

You know...we used to be just like you..

Passionate home brewers, with a desire to find the best quality home brew supplies and tools, in order to use in our home brew journey…and guess what? We were constantly frustrated by poor quality tools and equipment! We could never find tools that we were really happy with, and always had to hunt, for just the right kit!

And that’s when Brewer’s Elite was born….

In early 2016, we setup Brewer’s Elite, and started working hard to develop the highest quality brewing equipment that we could. Our passion for home brewing has made us passionate about the tools and products that we create, here at Brewer’s Elite, so you can rest assured that any product you buy from us really is “Elite”.

And guess what?…we are just as passionate about making sure you…., our customer, are just as passionate about our products as we are.

We’ve partnered with national fulfillment centers for all order fulfillment and have our products strategically placed in warehouses across the United States for super fast delivery.

On top of that, we have a 100% complete Satisfaction Money back guarantee, so if you are unhappy or unsatisfied in any way, we guarantee to make it right!

So, feel free to browse our store, and don’t forget to sign up to the Brewer’s Elite VIP club, for huge discounts and promotions on all Brewer’s Elite products.

Shop with us today, and join the other 10,000 satisfied Brewer’s Elite customers, who see the Brewer’s Elite difference.